What does it mean to synchronize body and mind?

February 19, 2018

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    What does it mean to synchronize body           and mind in service to art?


         In the book, Shambhala The sacred path of the Warrior, by Chogyam Trungpa, Trungpa, brings up the idea of what it means to synchronize body and mind. As an artist this sparks deeper exploration and connection into what it means to synchronize body and mind in service to a work of art.  If we think about what an artist is, it is someone who creates art out of trusting in his or her heart, vision and fearlessness to dive into the unknown. So how does one create in art out of the essence of their own being? How can one bring all aspects of themselves into their art to truly create something sacred?


           I believe it starts by reconnecting the disembodiment of our mind and body. In cultures throughout the world we are taught that our bodies are separate from our minds. This discord causes us to give into false accusations of limiting beliefs about our abilities to create and what is actually possible. Not only have we lost what is means to be connected but we have also lost what it feels like to be in tune. We are caught behind the chattering thoughts of doubt and fear. Once we are able to break through these limiting beliefs of fear and doubt, we are able to step into a space of nothingness, where everything is possible.


           If we want to create something magnificent or extraordinary the idea has to come from somewhere. It has to come from within us.  Taking a thought and embodying it into a work of art requires an open, gentle, and fearless mind. It’s allowing oneself to trust the instincts of their body, go with the flow, without regret and without expectation. It’s stepping into the knowingness that you are a master of art. Each and everyday you are creating something intricate by the touch of your hand, the gift of our ears, the beauty of your sight, the sweetness of your breath. This is how one creates art out of the essence of their being. By integrating all aspects of one’s perception and being fearless enough to take action, is how one synchronizes mind and body in service to a work of art.

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