Adventure Through the 7th Chakra

November 20, 2017

Adventure Through the 7th Chakra


“Imagine your torso is a sturdy stem with it's roots sunk deep into the earth. Imagine your roots are nurtured by water in the second chakra, and that your stem is fed by the fiery solar plexus to rise into the air, vibrating in sound and light, to at last explode into a thousand shining lotus petals at the top of the crown. At the center of the lotus, your individual point of awareness connects with the overarching field of divine intelligence, knowing there is no separation. In the true meaning of the word yoga as union, the individual and the divine are at last linked in their common field of consciousness. To be aware of this unity and to go beyond that awareness into simply “being”  is the essence of realization and goal of the 7th chakra.


What the 7th chakra represents:

  • The basic operating principle of the 7th chakra is the underlying consciousness which is the ability to see, speak, love, do, feel and live. When we work in the 7th chakra we are seeking to free the consciousness from distractions and experience one’s own limitless nature.

  • The 7th chakra is the start of manifesting. Manifesting begins in the consciousness with an initial concept. One first conceives an idea, then imagines and visualizes the idea (6th chakra), talks about it with others (5th chakra), brings it into relationship (4th chakra), gives it energy (3th chakra), achieves connection (2nd chakra), and finally manifest it on the physical plane (1st chakra). If you want to see the manifestations of your personal  consciousness , just look at your immediate surroundings.

  • Because the seventh chakra is linked to our consciousness, we may find ourselves constantly looking for meaning. Meaning tells us how to operate and forms the basis of our belief systems. To find meaning in life is a universal urge. As we find meaning, we look deeper and deeper beneath the surface, finding greater understanding.  The goal of the 7th chakra is to become enlightened and pierce through false meanings and realize the ultimate meaning of existence, which is unnameable.

  • It is important to be aware of the characteristics of the 7th chakra; your thoughts, visions, creations, love, actions, desires, and manifestations. These qualities are what operate your personal program. Sometimes it is necessary to remove agreements with ourselves and write new ones in order to increase our livelihood and live our fullest truth.

Understanding excessive & deficiency in the  seventh chakra

Excess and deficiency in the crown chakra have to do with both the daily occupations of consciousness and our spiritual attitudes. Take a look at the list below and evaluate how your thoughts and actions may be contributing to your  well being. 



How to Deepen your connection


Your body

The 7th chakra relates to the general intelligence of the body. We develop this intelligence through educating the body, as we train our body’s reflexes in yoga, sports, or other movement disciplines.  Pay close attention to the body’s messages, and realize that the body is a temple for the divine within.


  • What does it mean to listen to the body: The body is always communicating and trying to talk with us. When the stomach is hungry it will growl. When the eyes are tired, they may be red and sensitive. When the muscles are fatigues, you feel the sensation of soreness. Take this next week to listen to what your body is communicating. See if you can take notes in a journal or your phone to help bring more awareness to your body.

Psychological connection to attachment

When the 7th chakra is out of balance we may find ourselves excessively attaching to people, things or places. Attachment keeps us from realizing the universal and the infinite.  When we are stuck in attachment the mind is cluttered and prevents the release of blockages.   When we are attached to certain plans or ideas, we may be blocking or competing with the larger plan of spirit. Releasing attachments is a liberating experience and allows the upward current to move toward it's goal of freedom.  When we release our attachment and find balance with commitment and are able to freely commit more fully to a spiritual practice, partnership, job or activity. Our commitment is based on intention rather than result.


Examining attachment:

Below you will see a lift of common attachments. Note the ones that apply to you, and list the reasons you feel attached to them. Then write down or imagine what might be if you released these attachments.





Your home:


Looking good (physically):

Pleasure, Self- gratification:


Being right:

Staying young:

What other people think:

Knowing the answers:



Spiritual practice:


The Past:

The future:


Healing and Balancing

through the 3 M’s

Mindfulness, Movement, & Munchies 



Following Your Thoughts

Many people understand mediation to be the controlling or stopping of thoughts. The question is how? This exercise allows us to accept and release. Allowing thoughts to come and go without attachment. 

If your mind gets busy when you mediate, then simply become the observer of your thoughts, Don’t try to stop, control, or analyze them. Simply observe dispassionately  the parade of thoughts as they go by, like watching a movie. Often when I practice this technique, important thoughts, ideas, or reminders surface from the unconscious that I find quite valuable. Sometimes I keep a pad beside me for just this purpose, write a word as a reminder, then return to my meditation. When my thoughts have been cleared, I am able to sink deeper into the meditation to a place of no thoughts.



Going inward "stopping"

At least once a day, in the middle of activity, simply stop what you are doing and look around. Be still and see how far you can stretch your awareness. Notice your thoughts. What are they focused on? Notice your breath and whether it is deep and full. Notice your surroundings and the statement they make to you. Notice the angle of the sunlight, the breeze, the sounds around you. Breathe into the moment fully, simply savoring the delicious awareness of being alive. 




Since the Crown Chakra is more spiritual than physical, it is not nourished with physical foods in the same way that they feed other chakras. The correlation between the Crown Chakra and food is to make it a spiritual experience, whether by purifying the body through fasting for religious reasons during Ramadan or Yom Kippur, giving up a special food for Lent, or adding prayer or grace before meals.


  • I use a simply affirmation or grace before eating for the Crown Chakra that I was introduced to in Japan is “itadakimasu" meaning "I gratefully recieve." This phase expresses thanks to whoever worked to prepare the food in the meal as well as the honoring the plants and animals.

  • Detoxification cleanses, such as juice fasting, can also benefit the Crown Chakra. Substituting a juice for a meal once a day, or for 3 meals in one day will assist in cleansing and detoxifying the body and in opening the Crown Chakra. But check with a medical professional before attempting a longer juice fast if you have any metabolic or health issues.

  • Foods that are pure and unadulterated also help keep the Crown Chakra open and integrated with spirit, especially if you choose them with the intention of increasing the greater good. Pure foods include those organically grown without chemicals or genetic modification. For the Crown Chakra, you want to eat with a higher purpose in mind – for the good of all beings, and the good of the environment.

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