Adventure Through the 5th Chakra

November 7, 2017

Adventure Through the 5Th Chakra




The Sanskrit word for this energy center is Vissudha meaning purification. When we tune into the sounds, vibrations, rhythm, music, voice, words, and communication of life, we begin to experience all the aspects of the 5th chakra located in the throat.



What the 5th Chakra represents:

  • This chakra is ruled by the element of sound, a rhythmic pulsing of waveforms that can be harmonious or dissonant.

  • This chakra is all about expression, creativity and communication. It plays a role of creative identity and how you choose to express yourself.

  • This chakra serves as your basic right to speak and to be heard. This right may be compromised in many ways, both personally and/or politically. When the 5th chakra is compromised, the feelings of “ I can’t, or I’m not good enough” may be blocking you from expressing your authentic self.

  • The most important quality of the 5th chakra is opening the voice, speaking your truth and freeing your creativity in order to connect, expand, and unite with others.

  • Connecting the chakras in this space begins by grounding in the 1st chakra, drawing energy up through the 2nd chakra, taking the will of the 3rd chakra, adding it to the breath in the 4th and energize the ideas coming from your mind to express yourself in the 5th chakra.

  • Energy currents: In the upward current the fifth chakra refines the body’s raw energy for the focus of consciousness. It filters messages from the body, to limit the unnecessary distractions that may flood the mind. In the downward current, the limitless realm of consciousness if filtered first into images, then into words, and into actions to be express to the outside world.


Understanding Excess or Deficiency 


We understand the throat chakra to be excess or deficient by the characteristic of the voice, the ease of communication and the flow of creativity.



Deepening The Connection

Deepening your connection to the 5th chakra is to understand where and what the 5th chakra is associated with.


Your body

Lets take a moment to examine where the 5th chakra is located. The 5th chakra is between the mind and the body connecting both points. The throat chakra is connected to the neck, shoulders, mouth, and jaw. Mind/ body connection may be affected when the neck is out of alignment.


Deepening the connection to your body

  • Deepening the connection with your body begins by listen to the signs your body is trying to communicate to you such as; aches, pains and chronic illness.  There are many exercises that may be helpful such as using your journal as a format to ask and answer questions to specific body parts.  Example questions would be to ask your neck how it feels to carry your head around? Or to ask your feet what it’s like to carry your weight?

  • Take a minute to check in with yourself. Are there any chronic issues that may be occurring within any of these parts of your body? If so, taking time to close the eyes and have a dialogue with them on what you can do to release negativity being stored in the specific area such as stress. What exercises can you do to strengthen the area or release tention. 

Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is just below the adams apple.  It’s role is to produce important hormones that influence cellar communication in the body, it regulates cellar metabolism, temperature, cell function and growth.


Deepening the connection to your Thyroid Gland

  • If the thyroid is compromised, either being under-active or over active, it may effect important bodily functions such as energy levels, temperature, digestion, sleep disorder, or immune system vulnerability may occur.

  • Keeping the thyroid healthy: To keep the thyroid healthy it requires the following nutrients; iodine, amino acids, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, copper, selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, and oleic acid.

Your voice

While a great amount of communication happens through your actions, artistic expression, and body language, the voice is the main organ of communication. When the body is tense this tension can be heard in the voice. Opening your voice is an essential practice that may free your creativity and improve your communication.


Deepening the connection:

  • Practice: You can start by practicing sound release. Sound release is simply making sounds anywhere and everywhere that connect with how you are feeling or what you are doing. If your feeling stressed let out a deep sigh or if your happy sing a song that comes to mind. “ The voice is a living expression of ones basic vibrations.”

Your creative Identity

Communication is a creative action. It’s moving energetic thoughts and feelings from the inner world of self and expressing them into the outer realm. The 5th chakra represents your creative identity based on the way you express yourself. It is important to be aware of excessively trying to identity yourself and deficiently trying to unidentified yourself.


Deepening the connection

  • To under-identify is to minimize the efforts of creating. An example agreement we may make with ourselves is the though of “ I can’t”.

  • To over-identify with your creativity is to lose the purity of the creative process by making the agreement " because I am a writer I have to write." This may create writers block due to the pressure of perfectionism.

  • Journaling questions: Where do I feel most creative? Where do I resist developing or supporting creative thoughts? What kind of support or messages did I receive as a child for developing my creativity?



Finding Balance Through the 3 M’S



Lets take a quick trip back to the Thyroid gland.  Because the thyroid is heavily associated with the throat chakra it is important to make sure the thyroid has the nutrients it needs.

  • To keep the thyroid healthy it requires the following nutrients; iodine, amino acids, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, copper, selenium, omega 3 fatty acids, and oleic acid.

  • Adding sea vegetables to your diet can be helpful in supplying some of the ingredients listed above.



The neck is one of the narrowest parts of the body relevant to the chakra system. Every day it is constantly filtering energy between the mind and the body. This processes may cause tension and stiffness to build up in the area. Taking time to loosen the neck is the basic foundation for working on the fifth chakra.


Neck Mobility

  • Find a comfortable sitting position. Imagine the hip bones rooting into the earth as your spine lengths up towards the sky creating space between each vertebrae.

  • Take a deep inhale and on your exhale begin by rounding your shoulders down the spine, lengthening your neck and gentle bringing your left ear to your left shoulder. Inhale back to neutral and on your exhale begin to shift right ear to your right shoulder. Repeat as many times as you would like.

  • Keeping with your breath we will continue by changing the direction of the head.  On your next inhale begin by lifting the chin up towards the sky. Keep rolling the shoulders down the spine, creating space in the back of the neck in order to reduce compression of the vertebrae.

  • You may even feel inclined to hold each side for a couple breaths. You can even use your hands to help massage the neck as you hold each position.



Mindfulness in the 5th chakra is all about creative expression and speaking your truth. There are many practices you can try that will being awareness to your creative process and being to light any blockages you may have in this area. Writing is a unique form of communication. It is a time a space were you can take your time, without interruption, crafting what you want to say. Even if your words are never read by another person, writing can be very beneficial for you because if gives you the chance to express yourself fully.


Take sometime this week to write a letter. This letter can be to yourself, or someone else, it can be to love, or hope. Allow yourself to just write without expectation or result.


Connecting What we Have Learned!!


Bringing healing, balance, and transformation into your chakras takes time and practice. Take this next week to delve your 5th chakra and practice the the M’s everyday! Making a plan on how you want o work on your chakra is a great way to gain more insight and reflection. Here are a couple journaling questions.


My strengths in the chakra are:

My weaknesses are:

My goals are:

I make a commitment to:



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