Adventure Through The 2nd Chakra

October 16, 2017

Introduction to the 2nd Chakra


The sanskrit name for this center is Svadhisthana meaning “To sweeten One’s own place”. It is through the 2nd chakra one begins to build a connection to their own emotions and sexuality. 


What the 2nd Chakra represents:

  • The second chakra element is water, which represents change, with change our consciousness begins to expand. Without water, growth is not possible.

  • Emotions: composition of feelings and sensations.

  • Sexuality: The second chakra opens us up to the complex realm of sexuality, were we connect with this universal urge to share our desires, emotions, pleasures and sensations with others.

  • It is within this chakra that we learn to stand in “our own place” within and define our sexual and emotional issues in a way that is suitable to our own individual character.

  • Your basic right to feel: when the 2nd chakra is compromised it creates the feeling of guilt. Guilt blocks us from fully experiencing the basic pleasures of being alive

  • The energy current of your second chakra teaches us to open up, how to move, how to reach beyond ourselves. It connects us with our senses, which is gateway between the outer and inner world.


Understanding the Excessive & Deficiency within the Second chakra:


Excessive and deficiency characteristics  are created in response to wounds you’ve experienced in that past in the particular area.


Look over the following characteristics, and make note of the ones that apply to you. Keep in mind it is common to have both excessive and deficiency characteristics that apply to you. This list shows some basic ways you may have learned to cope with negative experiences and the general programing of your second chakra. Both excessive and deficient traits need to be brought toward center to achieve true balance.



Exploring the Element of the 2nd Chakra:


The following topics list areas related to the 2nd chakra and ideas on how we can explore and gain a deeper connection.


The body: The 2nd chakra relates to the entire sacral area (hips, low back, abdomen and genitals), as well as watery aspects in the body (bladder, kidney, urinary track, and reproductive system).


Deepening the connection:

  • General flexibility: take a yoga class, or stretch at home; become more flexible in your attitude.

  • Fluidity and grace in movement – Take a dance class, hike, bike, or get your body moving.

  • Sensuality: Tune into your sense through the textures in your clothes, the colors, smells, and sounds that surround you, and the flavors in your food. Turn life into a sensuous adventure.


Emotions: The 2nd chakra relates to the balancing of your emotional flow. Allowing yourself to feel and express your emotions in a healthy way that not only benefits you, but those around you.


Deepening the connection:

  • Ability to feel deeply: Taking time to tune into your own emotional realm. There are many mindful exercises you can practice that help identify emotion and release agreements which no longer serve you.

  • Ability to express emotions appropriately: Having courage to express emotions, clearly and at appropriate time.

  • Ability to contain emotions: Learning the ability to refrain from emotional expression when necessary.


Sexuality: The 2nd chakra is best known for its association with sexuality, an important element of love and pleasure.


Deepening your connection:

  • Allowing space for pleasure in our life

  • Connecting with your own needs

  • Experiencing sacredness in sexuality with another; respecting beliefs and boundaries of yourself and others.


Balancing and Finding Healing in the 2nd Chakra through the 3 M’s;

Mindfulness, Movement, and Munchies!


Mindfulness practice: Identifying Emotions, releasing old agreements and making new agreements to serve you.

  • Sit in a chair with your spine erect.

  • Feet on the ground, parallel and hip distance apart.

  • Close your eyes if it feels comfortable and begin to listen to the sound of your breath.

  • Give yourself permission to ask questions and answer from your heart.

  • Start by asking yourself “what emotion am I feeling?” Don’t think about it, just got with the first word that comes to mind.

  • Keep asking question such as; “what is causing me to feel this way?”

  • What agreement have I made with myself that is allowing me to feel this way?

  • Does this agreement serve me?

  • If this agreement does not serve you ask yourself “what new agreement can I make that will being life and serve me for my highest good?”

  • You may continue digging deeper or thank your spirit and heart for guiding you. Take as much time as you need.


Movement Practice: In our movement practice we are focusing on building on the foundation of your 1st chakra by moving energy up to the 2nd chakra.

  • Place feet shoulder width apart. Toes are slightly rotated in and the outside edge of your feet are parallel.

  • Bend knees slightly and press your feet into the earth

  • On the inhale arch our back and move the pelvic forward as you push against the earth (imagine energy flowing like water into your sacral area).

  • Exhale release and tuck the pelvis in.

* This is an excellent exercise to do prior to sexual activity to increase fluidity and sensitivity.


Munchies: Because the 2nd chakra is water, it is important to remember how important water is to our wellbeing.  

  • Drink Lots of Water!

  • You can even add essential oils to flavor your water and bring other healing qualities to your wellbeing. My favorite if lemon and peppermint!

* Benefits of water: Brings nutrients and carries away waste in the body as well as lubricates the joints and mucous membranes.



Connecting what we have learned


Bringing healing, balance, and transformation into your chakras takes time and practice. Take this next week to delve into your 2nd chakra, connecting the 1st and 2nd chakra and practice the the M’s everyday! Making a plan on how you want o work on your chakra is a great way to gain more insight and reflection. Here are a couple journaling questions.


My strengths in the chakra are:

My weaknesses are:

My goals are:

I make a commitment to:

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