Adventure Through The Chakras

September 30, 2017


What to expect!!

In these next 8 weeks our mission is to gain an understanding of the Chakras, as well as how to find balance in these areas of your body to live the soulful, authentic life you are destined.


Each week we will go through the individual Chakras, assessing the present state. We will be looking at different signs of excessiveness and deficiency in order to create balance through the 3 M’s; Movement, Mindfulness and Munchies!


Week One:

Introduction to the Chakra System: The 7 wonders of the soul


Chakra in Sanskrit translates to wheel or disk.


Imagine the Chakras as a spinning disk. In the computer analogy, the chakras can be thought of as programs on a floppy disk, installed into our hardware (the body) and software (the mind). Chakras are the center of alignment for the receiving and expression of life force energy.  These seven major center locations correspond with the seven central nerve centers branching out of the spinal column.  Each of these nerve bundles influences the energy body as well as physical body. We each have several programs installed within our being such as; our survival (tells us when to eat and rest), sexual (morals and preferences), relationship (how we relate to others), and our language program.  Depending on if we are balanced, excessive, or deficient in these areas of our body, indicates whether our basic task in life flow more smoothly and enjoyably.




The Map of the Chakras


Cerebral Cortex

Top Head


Sixth Chakra

Carotid Plexus

Third Eye Center


Fifth Chakra

Pharynegeal Plexus





Cardiac Plexus



Third Chakra

Solar Plexus


Second Chakra

Sacral Plexus

Abdomen, genital.


First Chakra

Coccygeal Plexus

Base of spine


Understanding the Map of the Chakra system


Within the Chakra system there are Nadias or in Sanskrit inner pathways of energy. There are four major highways referred to as liberation, manifestation, reception, and expression.



Upward Current: Liberation

  • This begins at the earth and rises through each chakra in the body.

  • Sanskrit translation is Mukti (Freedom)

  • When all your chakras are open and balanced this awakens us to new possibilities and liberates us from constricting or compulsive behavior.


Downward Current: Manifestation

  • Begins in the consciousness and descend towards the earth.

  • Sanskrit: Bukti (enjoyment)

  • When manifesting, ideas start at the crown of the head (7th chakra). Once the idea sparks you begin to imagine the outcome through the third eye (6th chakra). You may then communicate this idea to your friends (5th chakra). The idea continues to become more specific with each step downward until it is manifested on the physical plane.


Horizontal Currents: Reception and Expression

  • Reception (inward movement): It's important to understand and acknowledge all the ways we receive energy such as; information, emotions, love or touch.

  • Expressions (outward movement): We express what’s inside of us through thoughts, creativity and love.


If any of these pathways are blocked you may be compromised in social interactions, having difficulty receiving or expressing 1 or more chakras related aspects.


Stay tuned,  next week we will be connecting to our 1st Chakra! 

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