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February 10, 2017

Utthita Trikonasana

Utthita= Extended              Tri= Three             Kona= Angle


  "Extended Triangle Posture"


1. Inhale step or jump your feet a quarter turn to your right, with arms outstretched. The feet should be positioned one leg length apart.

2. Exhale as you turn your right foot out, in the same direction as the right hand. Turn the left toes in slightly.

3. Inhale as to reach your hips towards the left and extend your right hand towards the right foot.

4. Grasp the right big toe with your two peace fingers or rest the right hand on a block for support. Keep the left arm extended upward, spreading the fingers wide.

6. Driti (point of concentration) is at the right hand or the left. 

5. Keep the upper body aligned with the right leg. Rotate the torso upward while keeping the shoulders broad and neck long. 


Remain here for five deep breaths.


6. Inhale to come up slowly.

7. Exhale to shift your weight to the heels and lower to the other side.


Remain here for five deep breaths.


If the mind wonders bring it back to the sound. quality and texture of your breath. Remain relaxed and present.


Each asana and breath is a complete journey. 


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