" I am a Denver based music teacher and have worked with Nirete for a little over a year. Her work is intential and spiritual. I look forward to spending time with her and feel truly refreshed mentally and physically after our sessions. Her use of essential oils is a bonus and I have learned a lot as well! She truly is a joy to be around and I highly recommend her to anyone in the area."


"Just had one of the best massage sessions I've ever had.  The address has several health, body and even spiritual practitioners.  The one I visited was Nirete Llopis.  She brings a wealth of body experience to the table as she capped off her dance and circus acrobat passions with a journey to India and points east for training in Yoga and Thai massage. 

This is not your father's "lay on the table and get rubbed down" type of massage.  Her techniques involve many of the Thai practices of moving, stretching and compressing legs, arms, torso, head and neck.  I'm guessing that combining Thai with an Ayurvedic awareness, or whatever, allowed her to release all the hot spots in my feet and energize my joints and posture while relaxing me into bliss.  I'm a fan.  For now, she's only available in the studio on Thursdays but it's only like another $25 or so to get a house call.  I'm using her for my first couples massage."


"Yo-Peace Yoga is the place to go for all your yoga needs! Nirete is the most wonderful teacher. She walks you through some rejuvenating flows and she is careful to make sure you have accurate form. You can take energizing hatha power flows or you can take slow, restorative yin flows. Either way, the flow will bring good energy and calm into your life. She also teaches dance and is an amazing dancer/teacher.

I highly recommend her yoga classes."


"If you want to have a authentic yoga experience you need to visit YoPeace Yoga. Nirete is an amazing instructor, her classes are always instructional and interesting. I have been attending the morning class at 10:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday's for over a year. I feel more at peace and stronger as a result. The studio is welcoming and Nirete is the real deal---check it out."

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